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Best Data Recovery   2.3 M 2018.02.01   Download1  Download2
Advanced Data Recovery   3.8 M 2018.02.05   Download1  Download2

User Data Recovey Software Reviews:

  • Hello :
    I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent software. I accidentally formatted a Western Digital portable hard drive and I was able to recover almost all the data Thank you very much!!! (user : Mark 2009-7 -28 )

  • Hello :
    I had, yes HAD, a Western Digital 500gb My Book, a USB device. I tried two other software titles in the previous seven days (Getdataback and R-Drive) to recover my data. They couldn't get thru the errors. Now, ten hours later, I have transferred that data new drive with The. (Scott 2009-07-10)
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