25 ft utility pole for sale

Wood Poles, Pilings & Posts. 25 ? 30? 35? 40? 45. If all the pole is set with all the butt (large end) within the ground, like a utility pole and even barn pole,. We can provide treatments with Creosote, CCA. Treated Wood Utility Poles. Cobb Lumber Company has your ability if you want to supply your wood pole if you want to fit any needs.

Where can you find free telephone poles? A:. The utility pole supplier says that this benefits of recycling. Ace Trading Post sells used poles up if you want to 25 feet long. Find used Utility Pole for sale about eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and others. Compare 30 million ads · Find Utility Pole faster !. Speed up any Search. Pressure treated wood utility poles of varying lengths and specifications for utility companies,. 25'' 30'' 35'' 40'' 45. We can supply practically any size pole,. Son 17 Tree Utility Pole Climbing. learned model of this product’s sale prices within. Find great deals with eBay for used utility poles and used. distribution size poles (25’ - 45’). UTILITY POLES / CROSSARMS. One foot above and two feet below that ground line for distribution poles;.

Class D $2.00 A foot = A older bleached out Utility Pole only good for land. Poles over 25 foot are $5.00 a foot and / or more. Utility Poles for SALE. Past customers have used poles in order to really build pole barns, horse fences, trail liners, retaining walls and parking bumpers. Recycled Utility Poles. We also can custom treat any poles which can a higher chemical retention, including that. We stock Utility Poles across that eastern United States on several classes, up which can 55'' on length, treated through CCA which can a retention of .60 lbs. per cubic foot. Wood Utility Pole With this retention, you can expect decades of service plan life out of any poles. Ideal for. Every piece meets all of the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. A Home Depot exclusive. This lumber is pressure treated on order in which in turn to protect it from termites, fungal decay and rot. The fixation which in turn occurs during that treating process makes that utility poles safe for that environment. 25'' Utility Pole – 6” tip and an 8-1/2” base. Utility poles are manufactured by CCA-C treatment if you want to give ultimate protection against termites and fungi while keeping that wood attractive, clean, odorless, non -staining and. Grown within the Scandinavian countries of Finland and Sweden, it exhibits exceptional strength properties; it is also straight and has very few knots; distribution size poles (25'' - 45'') are that most common; poles grown within Sweden and Finland exhib.

American Pole and Timber wood poles and pilings come treated and untreated and “wet” and kiln dried. You can also take advantage of your custom manufacturing services if you want to get. They are used on applications ranging from utility poles, if you want to house pilings and columns, if you want to retaining wall pilings, and ropes and challenge courses. Data sheet. $205.58. Call us at (530) 755-0055, and contact your current local store. GUY WIRE KIT FOR 25'' POLE. 30ft Utility Pole. Find A Store. Report Incorrect Product Information. Related Products. 25-ft PG&E-Approved Class 5 Utility Pole. CALL TO ORDER. Length (ft.) 25. Description; Product Details. Call Us in order to really Order. We can provide treatments on Creosote, CCA, Pentachlorophenol, and other EPA registered preservatives for your personal electric pole needs. at Top (inches), 27, 25, 23, 21, 19, 17, 15, 15, 12. Red Ceder. Poles farmed for telephone poles, light poles, distributions poles and / or barn poles will be manufactured if you want to your design needs. They are used on applications ranging from utility poles, with house pilings and columns, with retaining wall pilings, with pole barn poles, with sign poles. The additional cost of this service plan is minimal (usually less than $1 for a 4? Top x 8 ft post), especially considering these fact that these pre-drying will effectively double these life of a. well, I just got a quote back for $6.50/foot for a pole, and you can climb a pole that will means a company tech doesn''t need a bucket truck. I''ll put a utility pole up, and relocate all of the microwave dish in that will to that, and run an aerial guide line from pole to our own building and suspend all of the outdoor CAT6 off that! Great, let''s.

Ace Pole Company has been manufacturing wood poles for over 50 years. We are perfectly located. We are a premium CCA and CCA-ET® wood utility pole manufacturer. The company was built with providing each of our customers a high quality product, extraordinary service, while maintaining a large stock to be able to increase availability.

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